Make IT a Strategic Enabler for your Company

Information Technology within a company is like electricity within a building: everyone and everything is touched by it, and its effects are pervasive. A malfunctioning IT group can place a tremendous drag on operations, making it difficult – if not impossible – for the business to achieve top management’s objectives. But when IT is firing on all cylinders, it can serve as a powerful enabler, helping to drive successful performance across the company.

Transition Partners specializes in helping corporations leverage technology to achieve business value and drive both top- and bottom-line results.

Think of us as your special-ops team for IT consulting. Highly trained. Highly focused. We quickly analyze IT issues, identify root causes, develop short- and long-term plans to fix the problem, execute those plans, and then leave. We do not seek consulting annuities.

All the while, we’ll ensure that every activity, every dollar spent in Information Technology aligns with your company’s strategic vision and direction, helping you get where you need to go, faster.


Here’s How Transition Partners Can Help

Staffed exclusively with senior Information Technology consultants – many of whom have served as Fortune 500 CIOs – Transition Partners helps clients rapidly solve strategic, management, and operational problems in IT.

Across every major industry, companies such as American Airlines, Federal Reserve, Hilton, John Hancock, and Verizon Wireless have relied on Transition Partners to help them address a wide range of technology issues. Here are just a few examples of challenges we tackle:

Scenario 1

The situation: A company’s broken, dysfunctional IT organization is causing extensive, painful business disruption. Delays in the supply chain, customer shipments, and invoicing, combined with poor customer service, are driving down sales, while sending costs through the roof.

How we can help: First, we stop the bleeding with emergency repairs, controls, and performance monitoring. Then, we stabilize the environment with permanent controls, improved processes, performance metrics, delivery alternatives, and governance. Next, we structure activities with permanent, skilled staff, failover, and disaster recovery. Finally, we support the new organization with documentation, training, and coaching while ensuring an effective transition back to the client.

Scenario 2

The situation: A company has just lost its Chief Information Officer. The CEO decides to assess the firm’s overall IT situation before hiring someone new. The resulting leadership vacuum in IT creates uncertainty across the organization.

How we can help: We install a deeply experienced CIO and, if necessary, a small team, to take the reins and keep the wheels on the wagon. We guide the staff, improve processes and procedures, shepherd projects to completion, and secure production operations. We then assist in hiring permanent staff.

Scenario 3

The situation: A mission-critical project has fallen farther and farther behind. No one can agree on what the finished project should look like. The C-suite is frustrated, the IT staff is frustrated, and the project may be stopped altogether.

How we can help: Our skilled consultants quickly assess the state of the project, understand the original goals, gain agreement on the current goals, outline what it will take to fix the project, and help management decide the next steps. If the decision is to go forward, Transition Partners consultants will rework the project plan and do what is necessary to get the initiative back on track. We then work with management to transition the project back to the company’s permanent staff.

Scenario 4

The situation: The CEO feels he is not getting sufficient value for his IT spending.  He sees competitors with more capability and knows they spend less.

How we can help: We undertake a cost-focused Effectiveness Assessment, identifying costs that can be cut from low priority activities or reallocated to other, higher priority projects.


What Makes Us Different

Interim Management: We provide expert resources to assume the CIO role and responsibilities.

Delivery: From Boardroom to Computer Room, we can deliver what we recommend. Our end-to-end capability generates much higher value for our customers.

Broad Insight: We bring far-reaching business insight (extending well beyond Information Technology) to every engagement.

Deep Expertise: Our consultants have deep IT line-management experience in Fortune 500 companies.

Low Cost: We do not burden engagements with junior consultants needing on-the-job training; we have no junior consultants. We are not compensated on staff utilization.

Sourcing: We only use sourcing as a tool to achieve management objectives. It is not a pre-cast objective and we take no kickbacks. We are vendor independent.

Solutions: We deliver solutions, not bodies.

Speed: We can parachute-in tomorrow and rapidly start delivering value. When our work is done, we exit just as fast (keeping your costs under control).


Learn More About Transition Partners

To learn more about Transition Partners and how we can help you achieve your specific goals and objectives, explore our major practice areas:

IT Effectiveness - we transform under-performing IT organizations into high-performance delivery units
IT Management - our IT Management team is independent, innovative, proactive, strategic, focused, and fast
Sourcing - we analyze and implement sourcing relationships, but only when sourcing will enable your business to operate more effectively and competitively

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