We Specialize in Fixing Broken and Dysfunctional IT Departments 

Staffed exclusively with senior Information Technology consultants – many of whom have served as Fortune 500 CIOs – Transition Partners knows how to tackle and solve tough IT issues.

We follow a “4-S” strategy in all IT Effectiveness engagements: Stop the bleeding, Stabilize operations, Structure the IT department and Support the ongoing success of IT operations.

Our unique depth of expertise – most of our consultants have over 25 years of experience in IT strategy and implementation – allows us to deliver results quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. We regularly help clients achieve cost savings of 20-25%, while ensuring that our efforts align closely with the overall strategic needs of the business.

How We Create High-Performance IT Organizations

Transition Partners transforms under-performing IT groups into high-performance IT organizations via best practices, processes and methodologies. Components of IT Effectiveness include objectives and criteria; environment and performance; processes, tools, and skills; and quality, metrics, training, and cost control.

We provide the following solutions within our IT Effectiveness practice:

Effectiveness Assessment: an intensive and comprehensive examination of your IT environment to identify strengths and weaknesses, and plans for improvement.

Strategy and Alignment: developing Information Technology strategy to align with your business strategy, maximizing the value received from your IT investment.

Security: establishing a security management system to improve your risk profile with comprehensive and certifiable controls tailored to your company.

Project Assessment: a rapid diagnostic to determine the health of your project, identify problems, and implement correction.

Organization Transformation: transformation to a high-performance team to maximize IT investment.

Business Process Reengineering: building business processes that bring competitive advantage and revising or eliminating ineffective processes.