Transition Partners Delivers Major Cost Reductions
and Improved IT Operations

From day one of your engagement, our consultants will work to establish effective governance and management practices within the IT department to maximize your IT investment and give you a competitive edge for the future.

Our engagements typically involve only two or three consultants, with no junior staff. We parachute-in our highly qualified IT executives to assess and tackle difficult management and technical problems. After implementing any necessary near-term corrections, we help you augment your staff as-needed through hiring or promotion. Once operations are stable, we leave.

Frequently, we can cut as much as 20-25% of costs out of the IT department, while maintaining or improving operations.

Key Components of Effective IT Management

We have a long history of delivering successful results through our in-depth knowledge, diverse functional skills, and extensive hands-on program / project experience. Our IT Management team is independent, innovative, proactive, strategic, focused, and fast.

We provide the following solutions within our IT Management practice:

Interim Management: interim CIO who will quickly stabilize, isolate and correct dysfunctional IT activities and processes that are negatively impacting your business.

Governance: providing top management a method for quickly and efficiently maximizing the IT investment.

Program Management: installing a  Project Management Office (PMO) that integrates best practices and processes to efficiently and successfully manage complex projects.

Mergers and Acquisitions: designing and implementing business process and IT mergers to rapidly achieve business synergy and savings.

Business Continuity: designing and implementing disaster recovery, facility, and business resumption plans.

CIO Advisory: advising client executives on how to increase IT effectiveness, providing thought leadership on key business and IT issues.