Helping You Determine Whether Sourcing is Right for Your Business

Transition Partners analyzes potential sourcing relationships with a critical view to the specific strategic and financial needs of your business. The goal is to utilize sourcing primarily where it will enable your company to operate more effectively and competitively.

Our team has structured over 50 IT outsourcing deals each valued from $2 million to $250 million per year.

When Done Right, Sourcing Can Deliver Significant Benefits

At Transition Partners, we focus on helping you generate long-term value for your business through sourcing solutions founded on best practices, processes, and methodologies.

A successful sourcing arrangement creates value across multiple dimensions:

Time Compression:

  • Stronger competitive positioning
  • Faster delivery of new products
  • Shorter time to cost savings

Space Compression:

  • Fewer business distractions
  • Greater focus on core business delivery
  • Reduced costs managing peripheral space

Knowledge Compression:

  • Greater workforce quality
  • Better availability of the right skill at the right time
  • Enhanced quality of delivery

Cost Compression:

  • Lower costs (through vendor’s economies of scale)
  • Flexibility to pay for the right resources only when needed
  • Reduced asset acquisition

We provide the following solutions within our Sourcing practice:

Sourcing Strategy: creating IT and business process sourcing strategies to enable your business to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Sourcing Advisory: executing successful sourcing arrangements and agreements, from strategy through transition.