TPCo Client Testimonials

American Airlines

"Transition Partners facilitated American Airlines' effort to quickly define, develop and plan a Disaster Recovery architecture for our Flight Operations Command Center. The resulting architecture was delivered not only on time and on budget, but is expandable to other mission critical mid-range computers and functional operations. The results of this effort support our scheduled passenger and air freight services to 170 destinations in North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and the Pacific. Transition Partners delivers!" 

—Kenneth D. Wilcox, Vice President of Technology Services, American Airlines


David Yurman Design

"As a fast-moving and growing company, we often have difficulty in focusing staff time on large, longer term projects. When we decided to evaluate Enterprise Resource Planning systems to replace our current suite of applications, we knew we were going to need help. After meeting with 'vendor centric' consultancies, it was clear that Transition Partners provided precisely what we needed: experienced consultants with an unbiased and balanced view toward helping us select the right system. The ERP evaluation was completed with the highest level of quality — on time and on budget — which makes Transition Partners unique."  

—David A. Minster, Chief Information Officer, David Yurman Design


Feld Entertainment

“Transition Partners provided us with the perfect resources at the right time to lead the transformation of Information Technology at Feld Entertainment”

—Keith Senglaub, Senior VP-Finance & CFO


Hilton Hotels

"As the responsible officer for consolidation, the Promus (Hotel brands) acquisition presented me with difficult deadlines, a compelling business need and a short-term capabilities gap within my organization. Transition Partners was able to lift an existing operation from a difficult outsourcing situation, coordinate 15 different vendors and more than 400 individual contributors, document and build a complex delivery infrastructure, help us to select and train new operating staff — and make it all happen. All I had to do was open the necessary doors." 

—John Flack, Vice President of Shared Operational Services, Hilton Hotels

"Our acquisition of the Promus Hotel brands presented us with the major challenge of consolidating two complex, mission critical IT environments. This initiative played a key role in meeting very aggressive synergy goals for the combined business, and it was by far the most complex. Our objective was to upgrade and combine the IT environments as quickly as possible, and to do so seamlessly and without service interruption. The acquisition occurred at a time when several major initiatives were in progress, and we couldn't afford to lose valuable momentum. Transition Partners played a vital role in allowing us to successfully balance these priorities. Their team program managed an enormously complex project, which involved in-sourcing Hilton's data center operations, implementing the required infrastructure in our Memphis operations and migrating operations cross-country on time, with no business disruption. The experience Transition Partners contributed throughout the project was extremely valuable to the team, and to its success." 

—Michael McConnell, Vice President of Strategic Systems, Hilton Hotels


Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

"The assessment – and interim management – gave our IT staff a chance to participate in and gain ownership of the strategy for which the new CIO was hired. Without it, we probably still would be struggling, focused only on the day-to-day operations, with only half the task complete."

—Richard Schwartz, Staff Executive, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)


John Hancock Life Insurance Company

"You guys did a terrific job. This deal will be a bellwether for future outsourcing at John Hancock."

– Bob Walter, EVP and CIO, Retired

“John Hancock chose Transition Partners over competitors because we felt that their IT line management experience would allow them to work more effectively with our IT folks.  That proved correct and they did an excellent and efficient job in guiding us to a successful outsourcing solution.” 

–Bob Walters, EVP and CIO, Retired


Legato Systems

"Our project with Transition Partners was critical in preparing Legato for its next growth stage. By bringing a framework for IT business case management and project implementation, Transition Partners has helped equip us with needed tools and skills for the future." 

—James P. Chappell, Former Senior Vice President for Business Process and Development, Legato Systems


Phillips International

"Transition Partners completed several initiatives to successfully turn around our IT activity. However, the most lasting was their IT Governance Process that we continue today — long after the turnaround was done. IT Governance is extremely valuable in providing an efficient and effective process for managing IT investment across our divisions." 

—Thomas C. Burne, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Phillips International


Regal Entertainment Group

"Transition Partners has been a blessing in disguise for us. Initially, they were hired to help complete a risk assessment on a large development project. During that project, a merger was announced that would merge two companies into the corporate office in Knoxville, Tennessee. We had to quickly put together an IT / Accounting plan to support the merger, and Transition Partners was hired to support that need. Their consulting team did a great job helping us develop and manage the Integration Plan. Along the way, the scope of their work expanded to include Project Management for all key business functions. Their experience, knowledge and insight has been of great value in helping us complete the complex merger quickly and successfully ... They are former CIOs, all very seasoned individuals with lots of experience in many industries and, most importantly, they are good people. Through Transition Partners' efforts, we were able to reduce IT expenses by $4.8 million annually. They are all good people with no agendas other than focusing on the task at hand." 

—J.E. Henry, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Regal Entertainment Group


Rheem Manufacturing Company

"I really enjoyed working with Transition Partners on our Outsourcing project. Given our rapid growth, Rheem definitely needed help evaluating the feasibility of outsourcing its technical support function. Transition Partners helped us evaluate the situation, and develop and implement a co-sourcing solution that has Rheem providing the best Technical Support (Call Center) in our industry. Technical Support went from a liability to an asset that we brag about to our customers."

—Chuck Rohde, Manager of Customer Services, Rheem Manufacturing Company / Water Heaters


Sears Roebuck 

"It’s one of the most professional and capable efforts of any kind that I’ve seen in my career; we couldn’t have gotten to this kind of extraordinary outcome without you"

—Alan Lacy, Chairman & CEO


Trans World Airlines (TWA)

"Transition Partners helped restore TWA's IT organization to a position of leadership and respectability. Components of this successful IT turnaround story included creation of an IT strategy aligned with TWA's business strategy; ensuring investments were made in the right technology at the right time; restoring a focus on people, processes and technology necessary for today and for the future; and the creation of a roadmap of projects in support of our IT strategy. The end result of this comprehensive engagement was a high-performance IT organization keenly focused on business results. The professionals at Transition Partners can successfully tackle even the toughest assignment!" 

—Kenneth D. Wilcox, Former Chief Information Officer, Trans World Airlines (TWA)


Tsumura International

"The Transition Partners' team parachuted in and took the gun away from my head. More important, the turnaround engagement greatly improved our chances of hiring the right CIO, a critical player in our top management team." 

—Dennis Newnham, Former Chief Executive Officer, Tsumura International


U.S. Tennis Association (USTA)

"We were trying to put in a number of I.T. standards and best practices, and were understaffed and underskilled. We decided to go outside and name an interim I.T. director who could quickly assess our needs and instill best practices."

—Robert Gebbie, Chief Financial Officer, U.S. Tennis Association


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