TPCo Institutional Testimonials 

CIO magazine

“There is a need for top information technology management talent at companies of all sizes, including the small to middle-market space, just as there is a severe general shortage of qualified IT workers at all levels … (The) ‘Rent-a-CIO’ idea is a good one and already exists (with) Transition Partners in Reston, Va.”

CIO Insight

“Transition Partners says … ‘You need to carefully manage expectations. (There’s) too many cases where a company expected the poor CIO to be a miracle worker. If a company lets its infrastructure become outdated and fragile, a person coming in can’t provide updated business support overnight. It’s not going to happen.’ ”   


“Ten years ago, few CEOs were closely involved in IT planning.  Transition Partners thinks this is further evidence we're dealing with a new generation of chief executives that doesn't view technology as a support function, but as key to being effective and competitive in an organization.”


“Transition Partners says … ‘Historically, companies outsourced business functions to save money. Today, however, many companies outsource to get things done faster and/or better … To focus their resources on core business objectives, improve services to their customers and access world class expertise outside the enterprise.’ ”

Executive Talent

“Transition Partners says … ‘It’s not hard to see why so many chief executives are going outside the company in order to get an independent review of their IT organization … It’s another sign of the maturing relationship CEOs have with IT that they’re bringing in specialists to audit their department’s performance; not only when there’s trouble, but on a regular basis.’ “


“Transition Partners prides itself on the experience level of its consultants. The majority are former CIOs or former managers of IT functions. They synergize business management and technology to bring value to clients.”


“The client asks Transition Partners to turn things around, providing an IT chief and supporting staff. It’s always with the understanding they’ll stick around long enough to fix problems and help the company find a permanent IT manager.”

The New York Times

“Transition Partners is recognized for the ability to rapidly solve strategic, management and operational problems in the areas of Information Technology and Business Processes and to deliver value to clients.”